2012-2018 Capital Program

The River Valley Alliance implemented a $90 million capital program. When will the initiatives within the project be finished?

The capital program consists of 13 project initiatives over 18 sites in 6 of the 7 municipalities.  These initiatives will be complete by 2018.

What is the RVA's role in the capital program??

The RVA is responsible for the overall coordination of the capital program and ensuring projects are funded. Municipalities are responsible for the project management of initiatives within their jurisdictions.

How were the 13 initiatives chosen for the capital program??

The RVA’S 2007 Plan of Action identified several initiatives to support access to the river and connectivity throughout the length of the park. The RVA worked with the municipalities to select the initiatives that make up the capital program.

The capital program includes 74 km of new trail. Will that complete the park's trail connection from Devon to Fort Saskatchewan?

The RVA’s Plan of Action identified 88 km primary trail that would connect Devon to Fort Saskatchewan.  The 74 km of trail in the current capital program includes portions of this primary trail as well as secondary trail that contribute to the overall connectivity. There is 33 km of primary trail yet to be completed in future capital programs.

When the capital program is completed, will the RVA's work be done?

With the completion of the current capital program, the RVA will have completed a significant portion of the Capital Region River Valley Park. However, the RVA is committed to securing funding for future capital programs and projects to ensure our goal of a connected river valley park is achieved.

Are these initiatives the first projects that River Valley Alliance has funded?

The RVA allocated nearly $5 million toward projects that have been completed since 2007:

  • Town of Devon: improvements to Voyageur Park
  • Parkland County:  improvements to Prospectors Point
  • Strathcona County:  Strathcona Riverside Nature Trail
  • Sturgeon County:  Heritage Walk in Lamoureux
  • City of Fort Saskatchewan:  Strachan’s Landing, Red Coat Landing, West River’s Edge Recreation Area
  • City of Edmonton:  Louise McKinney Riverfront Park and access trails on both sides of the river leading to the Fort Edmonton Footbridge


River Valley Alliance’s Overall Goals and 2007 Plan of Action

What are the benefits of a Capital Region River Valley Park?

The Plan of Action is focused on a connected river valley park and contributes to a thriving metropolitan region. The future river valley park will enrich the region’s health, prosperity and sustainability. It will contribute to the tourism in the capital region and provide opportunities for visitors to explore our history and culture.

The river valley park will provide an increase in the quality of life of users including recreational opportunities such as walking, cycling, fishing and canoeing.

How does the Plan of Action impact the natural character and environment of the river valley?

The RVA is committed to the protection and preservation of the river valley’s natural features.  The Plan of Action focuses on maintaining and, where possible, enhancing the environmental integrity of the river valley. Implementation of the Plan of Action is subject to public review through municipal, provincial and federal regulatory processes. Public and stakeholder concerns are considered on each project initiative.

When will the park be completed?

Implementation of the Plan of Action is a long-range goal that requires significant funding and commitment. In addition, there are a number of key locations within the river valley, where land access must be secured from private land owners. The RVA continues to implement the Plan of Action and secure land on an ongoing basis to ensure the completion of a connected Capital Region River Valley Park.

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