Phase II Capital Program

As the RVA nears completion of our 2012-2017 Capital Program (Phase I), we are now seeking funds for Phase II (2018-2022). The $100 Million Phase II program will focus on completing regional connectivity and access, consisting of 13 new projects, including 33 kms of new trails, four footbridges, a series of boat access projects, and a waterfront promenade.

2012-2018 Capital Program

In November 2012, the River Valley Alliance began a $90 million Capital Program that will improve public access to the North Saskatchewan River and river valley and add new trails and features to existing infrastructure in what is North America’s longest metropolitan park system.

Pre-2012 River Valley Projects

Prior to the launch of the 2012-18 Capital Project, the River Valley Alliance allocated approximately $5 million for other river valley initiatives.

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Plan of Action

The River Valley Alliance released a comprehensive  Plan of Action for the Capital Region River Valley Park in 2007. The Plan was created after extensive consultation with RVA stakeholders and the public. It contains maps and detailed information on what currently exists in the river valley and plans proposed by RVA and its municipal stakeholders to protect, preserve and enhance the river valley now and in future.


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